Light Brigade News 2017 #3

light brigade in actionWeek three saw some quite substantial progress by the Light Brigade, with two machines working all day.  All the festoons (with the exception of one very short piece) plus one or two set pieces were erected.  Week four was even better, with all the remaining set pieces erected, with the exception of the “Trumpets” which are receiving some modifications to the electrics, and, of course, the Catherine Wheel, which used to be on the dentists’ facing up New Road, and which failed last year, and which, it is hoped, will be replaced by something new (and secret!) IF, and it is a big IF, it can be finished on time.  David Wilkins (third generation on the lights!) is working on this, with the help of Roo and his father.   Making one of these set pieces involves hours and hours of work; the frames are made from aluminium, cut and welded, then all the LED ropelights fitted, and wired up to the control box, which also has to be designed, built and programmed.  We use Arduino project computers, which are amazing but baffling bits of kit.  We will see…….

We are very grateful to Sal Handley for the use of her kit to move stuff around this year, following the retirement of Bryan James from the Light Brigade crew at the end of the last season.  We do miss his van, but the new arrangements are thankfully working very well.  Bryan is much missed but, following ill health, it was the right thing to do.  Meanwhile, our new member Paul is very welcome, and extremely useful; it’s great to have new blood in the team.

This weekend we will be going through the system, checking for dud lamps, and getting everything ready for the tree (always to biggest job of the lot) on the final Sunday.

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