Light Brigade News 2017 #1

Christmas Tree In BromyardChristmas is coming……. Oh no! You can’t be starting on the lights already!

Every year people say that, but we have indeed now started, and indeed we have to programme six Sundays to get the lights erected and tested ready for the grand switch-on, which this year will be on November 18th.

October 8th saw a machine out, testing anchorages, with a crew of five.  Every year, on a three year cycle, we not only visually inspect the span wires and anchorages, but test the bolts by pulling them with a special device which applies a test load.  The anchorages are now labelled, and a test log kept.  This year, it was the turn of part of the Square, Pump Street, and everything above the Queen’s Arms.

Behind the scenes, preliminary work for a new set piece has commenced – drawn out in chalk on the garage floor! – and various new materials ordered and arrived, for we also have to replace some electrical cables this year as well.  We have also been out to inspect Christmas Trees, and agreed the purchase ready for delivery the week before the switch-on.

Next Sunday, erection will start in earnest, and we hope to have a good amount of the festoon installed, and it will be very obvious work is under way.

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