Light Brigade News 2016 #8

bromyard illuminationsWell, it is all over for another Christmas season.  On Saturday morning, three of us went through town turning all the feeds off, ready for the big push.

Both machines were out on Sunday, with a full complement of people.  Starting with the removal of the tree (where we found that pigeons had been nesting) we then moved on section by section through the town, taking the whole display down, and moving everything into the stores for safe keeping, finishing at about 7.30 in the evening.  The town always looks so bare afterwards!

We have been quietly very pleased with the reliability this year, with only a couple of very minor failures, which is quite remarkable.  The new pieces performed faultlessly, which was great.  We were, of course, also lucky with the weather, with very little work having to be done in the rain, and little time lost.

Of course, that is not the end of the matter.  Roo and David W are both scheming out ideas for next year, and indeed one replacement controller –  for the catherine wheel – is being made now.   Behind the scenes, paperwork still has to be done, with Roger W and David G sorting all of that out.  And, of course, fundraising never stops; donations are still coming in, for which we are extremely grateful.  Richard Laming and David James are sorting out the local business donations with some gentle (and some not-so-gentle) persuasion, and bringing in the collection boxes from the shops and pubs.  I also gather that a Lights Bingo is shortly to be held.  None of this could happen without a great deal of behind the scenes work.

I have no doubt that all of the Lights Brigade will have their eyes and ears open to new ideas, new plans for later in the year.  And your scribe can now look back on fifty years working on the lights – and several of the others are not far behind!

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