Light Brigade News 2016 #7

christmas lights -  fixing snowmanThursday evening, December 15th saw a machine out and about carrying out various repairs, replacing a few dud lamps and, much more importantly, repairing the two missing snowballs between the snowmen in Tenbury Road.  There are four, which light up in turn, and somehow two (each consisting of a metre of ropelight) had conspired to fail.  It was a lengthy old job, and its a long way up there!  Roger and David W were up top, and Edgar and Ian down below.  Roo was looking very carefully at what we were doing with one of his great creations!  Anyway, all went well.

Edgar and Roger had previously been out the previous week, sorting out minor defects on the big star at the top of Sherford Street, the Twying Street bell (both of which are now fine), Happy Xmas and also the Catherine wheel on the Dentists, which sadly is not fine.  One sector was out, and replacement of an internal fuse now means that the same sector is now fixed on.   This is an old mains-powered unit (it used to go where the cracker is now), and the electronics are well past their sell-by date, so we can do no more.  We are now designing a new controller, with a view to converting it to 24 volts for next next year.

We used to have to be out three or four times during the season, before LEDs came about.  The reliability of LED lamps is amazing; not only that, but if they do fail, we only have to replace the LED cluster and not the entire lamp.  With that, and the fact that our electricity consumption is down 80%, and you can see how worthwhile the changes were.

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