Light Brigade News 2016 #5

bromyard christmas lights

Bromyard Christmas Lights Preparations – Week 5 of 6

A bitterly cold day today on the lights, but, once again, a very successful one.  With repairs to the second machine done, we had both cherry pickers out and about, and delighted to have Chrissie driving number two, with all his customary care and attention.  It is always good working with him.

We had all the lights on, testing; we fixed all the dud lamps with the exception of Cruxwell Street, where we have uncovered a problem with the timeswitch; plenty of time to get that fixed, hopefully.  The latest digital timeswitches are a nightmare!  What was the matter with simplicity?

The lanterns, all having been jet-washed during the week, have been erected, along with snowflakes, bows and other decorations.  The last festoon has also been put up in Broad Street and Cruxwell Street.  To end the day, we started putting the miniature lamps in the trees in the Square.

Thanks, as ever, are due to the Fox and Badger for their superb coffees, hot chocolate and scrumptious cake, which really are appreciated.  Thanks also to the antique shop in the Square for tea, when we were suffering at the end of the day.

Next week; the big one, erecting the tree, and decorating it, plus the other “resident” trees. We will also be fixing Cruxwell Street.  If all goes according to plan, we will be doing something special with fancy lamps as well, but more of that later.  Also, back home, our refurbishment of a set piece from Blackpool is under way, and that is almost a full-time job in itself.

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