Bromyard's Light BrigadeBromyard Christmas Lights are run and maintained by a team of unpaid volunteers known affectionately in town as “The Light Brigade”. Their high level of skill and commitment was recognised in 2011 with the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. This is often described as “the MBE for groups”.

Today, the lights are erected by a group of ten people, taking six Sundays to erect them, one to take them down, together with daily inspection and repairs where needed. Their skills have developed over the years, prompted by increasing standards of Health and Safety for such displays.

The entire display is erected by volunteers, only two of whom actually trade in the town; the rest have local connections, and live locally. Some members of the Light Brigade have professional knowledge in engineering, surveying and suchlike, which are used for the benefit of the lights.  All do it totally without pay.  The group also includes two members who make their lifts available at no charge.

Some work hard outside of the Christmas period – Roo Evans has, for example, built 50 fibreglass lanterns and brackets from scratch, all hand painted.  In addition, they deal with all the statutory paperwork and testing, plus the refurbishment and construction (from scratch) of many of the set-piece displays.

bromyard light brigade

The Light Brigade take a break.