2019 is underway!

Many may have noticed that the build-up of the Christmas Lights for 2019 is well under way.

Week one saw, as usual, the testing of around a third of the wall anchorages. Using a strange (and expensive) device which pulls onto each fixing up to 3 kilo-newtons (that’s about a third of a ton in old money) we try and ensure that every fixing is well up to its job in holding the decorations in place. This year, it was the turn of all the festoon (that is string of lights) fixings right the way from the gates to the Church in Church Street, up to the Queen’s Arms. One crew was enough for this task, but it took a full day.

Week two saw two crews out, and the festoon lights were erected right though the system. Frankly, Bromyard has as many Christmas lights now as many towns have when they are finished! Another long day, from 9.00 at the stores through to a finish at 7.00.

Work is proceeding in the workshops, with replacement of broken sections of ropelight in many units, including the Train, Cracker, Merry Christmas Bromyard and Blue Bell. More intensive work is underway converting the Snowmen to 24 volts from mains, with new LED ropelight, plus the same thing for the reindeer. The Snowmen need a whole new control unit made, and it also looks as if we will have to do the same with the cracker. Plenty of work for the soldering iron.

A couple of relatively new items are being built, but the combination of a late crop planting season (honestly!) and the large number of repairs means that time is too limited to build anything large this year. But things will look different, as you will see!

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