2018 Light Brigade Update #6

Well, last Sunday was our last full day; and we are nearly finished!  The tree was delivered at 9.00am and we quickly got it lifted into place and packed, before zooming off to the top end of town to erect the cut-out memorial soldier over a white background, over the Robin, in time for the March after the service of remembrance in church.  There was a short service at the memorial garden there.  All the gang took time out to help steward the march, as we do every year.  Then one gang spent all day decorating the tree, whilst the other gang installed a new solid-state transformer in Pump Street, and erected the final set pieces, including the new Angel and Star in the Square, which are pretty impressive.  After testing, we have taken the controllers back to do some tweaking to the sequencing; they will be refitted on Saturday morning, along with a couple of other minor items.

Now – Saturday!  – the big day.  It is a pretty hectic time for the Brigade, who are mainly shifting chairs, tents, PA equipment and suchlike to enable the day to happen.  The Grotto crew have helped Santa wrap all his presents, and are lining themselves up for the big event. Let us hope the weather is kind, and the crowds have a great day.

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