2018 Light Brigade Update #4&5

bromyard christmas lightsWeeks four and five have seen some real hard work done – and the system is substantially complete, save for two new set pieces, a new power supply, and, of course, the tree – the biggest single job of them all!

The main jobs on week 4 were the completion of the smaller set pieces, and the installation of new festoon cabling to Pump Street, which has also been extended by two crossings towards the Bypass, with a view to a further extension, perhaps, to the bypass next year.  A lot of time was spent on the previous Saturday cutting and splicing the cables to fit, using the old cables as a template.

Week 5 stared with loading the big set pieces – the Cracker and the “Tree and Father Christmas”, together with all the lanterns, and taking them around town.  One crew then went about fixing the pieces and lanterns, whilst the other made all the electrical connections, turned on the various sections, and replaced all the dud lamps.  The day went well, despite the persistent drizzle – which soaked everyone.  Poor old Father Christmas, from the Dentists, had to be removed for repairs, as a substantial part of his red outline was faulty; the same happened with the reindeer on Shun Fat.  Both are being repaired ready for next week.  We also have to install a new transformer for Pump Street; the end of the line is deficient in volts so additional arrangements have to be put in place. It is proving to be a very busy week in various Light Brigade members’ workshops!

Behind the scenes, there have been many meetings of a combined Chamber / Light Brigade committee, expanding ideas and arrangements for the switch-on day.  The programme is out, and it promises to be a really good event.

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