2018 Light Brigade Update #2

light brigadeDespite the pouring rain in the morning (and yes, we all get soaked to the skin) we had a good start to the building up of the system on our second Sunday.  The festoons – the rows of lights which go back and forth across the street – are complete from end to end, with the exception of the Square (where some remodelling is taking place) and Pump Street, where we are hopefully replacing the cabling as this is the oldest section still in use, plus, of course, extending it by a couple of crossings towards the bypass.  A keen crew, coupled with both cherry pickers, made for a good day’s work.  And thanks again to the Fox and Badger for coffee and hot chocolate, and some wonderful cake!

Two set pieces from years past have now been retired, namely Santa and his Sleigh, in the Square, and the large snowflake, also in the square (provided the new pieces are complete in time!).  These are old 240 volt units, which use a lot of power.  The change to LEDs has, overall, so far reduced our electricity consumption by 85%.  Hopefully, it will be even better this year.

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